Godzilla 2

Probably a lot of action film fans are wondering whether a sequel to a 2014 blockbuster, Godzilla 2 will be out in the nearest future. So when will it be released, if released at all.
Godzilla 2

Godzilla 2 announcement

The first Godzilla was a big ambitious project. Its creators were aiming for a series at once. After the original film’s success, Warner Bros. and Legendary production companies announced that they are starting to work on the sequel.
Godzilla 2

Godzilla 2 release date

Right now, we don’t have any valid information about the 2nd movie. We neither know its release date yet, nor we have any details about the story itself. Will there be more monsters? Probably, but we don’t know where they will come from or who will be saving the people from them.
Godzilla 2
Are you waiting for the sequel to Godzilla? Will you be watching it in the movies?

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