Gods of Egypt Release Date

Gods of Egypt release date

Gods of Egypt release date has been known. The details about the upcoming Alex Proyas movie are given below.

The theme of the gods is very popular among all movie enthusiasts. And if before the directors and producers paid attention to the Greek gods, but now it’s time to go to the other side of the Egyptian mythology. Alex Proyas (Dark City) is responsible for Gods of Egypt premiere, in which a major role will be played by Gerard Butler.

The Plot:

The main idea of the movie is confrontation to the Egyptian gods. The sun-god Horus, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones), is going to avenge Seth (Gerard Butler) because the god of death killed his father – Osiris. After becoming the sole ruler of Seth, puts Egypt to the chaos, war, and terror. It was in this situation, you see a thief Beck who is trying to get something for him by stealing food. Being cursed, people believed that if he could defeat Seth, the curse will fall. In this regard, he stands on the side of Mount. Also, it does not remain indifferent to the love goddess Hathor, helping him to fight against the god of terror and chaos.

Gods of Egypt release date has been known

The movie’s budget was $ 150 million, and the film company that decided to sponsor the project was Summit Entertainment.
Gods of Egypt release date was scheduled for February 12, 2016.
It is not yet known when will be the exact Gods of Egypt date release on DVD or Bluray.
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