Gifted (2017)

The film Gifted, which will be released soon, is already being looked forward in the world, and not only because of qualitative and star cast; also due to an interesting story which will definitely keep the audience in suspense until the last minute of the movie. In this drama will unfold the story of a man fighting for custody of his genius and talented niece. Viewers are certain to see many interesting scenes and will be able to appreciate all the work done by the authors of the film for the picture to be interesting for everybody. The premiere date of Gifted has already been announced: the cinema is scheduled for April 12, 2017, and there is not much time to wait.

Creators and Producers

Gifted (2017) Cast
The person who made the story alive and turned the script into a feature-length movie is Marc Webb, an American director. He was helped by Tom Flynn, who was working for the plot to be interesting and was developing the script.
The producers responsible for the film release and promoting the story among the world are such people as:

  • Andy Cohen;
  • Molly Allen;
  • Ben Browning;
  • Karen Lunder;
  • Glen Basner.

Two production companies of the cinema are Grade A Entertainment and FilmNation Entertainment; the company distributing Gifted is Fox Searchlight Pictures.

About the Plot and Cast

Gifted (2017) Spoiler
A seven-year-old Mary has a real mathematical talent and is recognized as being a genius and gifted child. She is brought up by her uncle Frank, who took the girl to himself after the death of her mother, Frank’s sister. But suddenly Frank’s mother, Mary’s granny, intervenes in their lives to take her granddaughter to her care. Deciding to fight for the fate of the girl, a young man tries to keep her, and is doing everything possible that the court might recognize his right to stay with the child. This dramatic story will be of interest to people of all ages, and now are being made predictions that the picture will gain a lot of popularity among the audience.
The main cast of the film including a few Hollywood consists of the following actors:

  • Chris Evans;
  • Lindsay Duncan;
  • Mickenna Grace;
  • Octavia Spencer;
  • Jenny Slate;
  • Julie Ann Emery and others.

Viewers’ Expectations and Soon Release

The filming process began in the autumn of 2015, and now the authors are ready to present their project on April 12, 2017. The public hopes that the movie will be as interesting as it’s promised and believes that both acting and plot will be worth watching. Stay tuned not to miss the air date and be aware of the schedule in case some changes are made.


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