In spite of the critical commentaries coming from the admirers of the previous version of the film about ghost hunters, the developers hope that the upcoming film with a new narrative will be worldwide accepted. However, let’s make clear what an acting and behind-the-scenes crew have prepared for us.


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In far 1984 the theaters all around the world were hit with the new comedy called “Ghostbusters”. The film was acclaimed by everyone. And now it seems hard to find a person who has seen the movie yet.
The old film stars Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Dan Aykroyd, Rick Moranis, Harold Ramis, Annie Pots, Ernie Hudson, and many other big names.
The plot is concentrated on four scientists that are expelled from their work at the Columbian university for their meaningless investigations in the sphere of supernatural creatures. They organize their own business and help people to get rid of the intruders, particularly ghosts of different kinds.

Short review of the upcoming comedy

The developers decided to change the concept of the film creating an absolutely new team of ghost hunters. The team consists only of women. The main roles are played by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig (known for participating in the project “Bridesmaids”), Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon
Now the female sex is going to take up such a chargeable role. So why not to watch with the women in the main roles? However, the fans of old school films thumb their noses doubting that the new film could replenish the old legendary one. They think that it will become nothing more than a raw parody to the previous version of the franchise.
Ghostbusters Cast
The upcoming Ghostbusters 2016 also stars Chris Hemsworth as a new administrator, Andy Garcia as the Mayor of New York City, Michael K. Williams as a hero under the name “Hawkins,” Matt Walsh as Rourke, and also Neil Casey as the main malefactor. Pat Kiernan will also appear in the movie in the role of a news anchor.
The players of old team of ghost hunters, as well as the producers and the immediate creator named Paul Feig who is responsible for accomplishing directory duties of the new comedy, and also the scriptwriters Dan Aykroyd and Katie Dippold,  assure the viewers that the narrative is quite promising. The main thing, as the developers note, is to give these funny ladies an opportunity to be as they are, and everything will turn great.

When to expect the appearance of the new comedy?

The new version of the old comedy is going to break into the cinematic world on July 15, 2016. At the current moment, it is considered to be the Ghostbusters official release date. So, we are to see this summer, whether the sequel of the legendary story has been worth working on. The Ghostbusters sequel that is expected to be subtitled looks to achieve some sort of success and can also get a lot of appraisals from those who adore a genre of comedy but not from those who adore the old film when it appears for the first time in theaters around the entire world.

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