Climate change issues disturb a lot of people today, and against the background of these concerns in the near future will be presented a new film Geostorm, an action movie with elements of science fiction, which tells about climate change and solving this problem. No, this movie is not a documentary, but the authors have sought to emphasize that this variant of the development of life on the earth is real.

The film describes a series of events, to which leaders of many countries resorted in order to prevent changes on the planet to affect the lives of people and degrade them. The release date of the picture is scheduled for October 20, 2017, and the creators still have enough time to make necessary improvements and to prepare the public for an upcoming premiere.
Geostorm date release

Authors Crew

The person who invented and created the story of Geostorm is Dean Devlin, an American producer and writer. Another person who is working with Devlin and is responsible for the script of the cinema is Paul Guyot, a screenwriter.

The film wouldn’t be so popular without producers’ work. These people daily do their best for the movie to be released in time and at the same time to be recognized among the audience. The group of producers includes the following personalities:

  • David Ellison;
  • Rachel Olschan;
  • Dana Goldberg;
  • Marc Roskin;
  • Cliff Lanning;
  • Jerry Bruckheimer;
  • Paul Schwake.


There are several companies producing Geostorm, and the most famous and outstanding of them is, of course, Warner Bros. Pictures, the company which recently has presented an official date of the premiere.

Plot Review

Dangerous climate change on the planet leads to the fact that leaders take a serious decision: they organize a special program to protect and equip a network of satellites around the earth, maintaining a normal environment and not giving global changes affect nature. For two years everything is going well, but after that thingsdo not go as it was planned. The task to fix the problem is entrusted to two brothers, and all further development of the plot will be very intense and dynamic.

The audience will certainly appreciate the scale of the film and accept an upcoming film with enthusiasm.

The cast of Geostorm consists of the following actors:

  • Gerard Butler, playing the role of Jake;
  • Katheryn Winnick, presenting Olivia;
  • Ed Harris, whose character is Dekkom;
  • Jim Sturgess, acting as Max;
  • Robert Sheehan, presenting Duncan;
  • Abbie Cornish, plating the role of Sarah, and others.


Known Air Date and Expectations

The public is pleased to know an exact premiere date of the cinema – October 20, 2017. Viewers believe that the creators will present the movie with a catching and unpredictable plot, full of action and good acting. Stay tuned to make sure that Geostorm is really worth watching and find out all the facts regarding the movie.

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