Gambit Movie Release Date

Gambit movie release date

Gambit movie release date has been announced by Marvel. The details are given below.

Franchise X-Men is so successful that Marvel thought that the release of several new spin-offs dedicated to this comic series’ universe. We have already watched few Wolverine movies (that, IMHO, were much worse than with the original X-Men cinematic franchise). And now the audience is wondering what will be shown next, what superhero will get a spin-off. As it turned out, we should wait for Gambit movie premiere.

The main protagonist and the plot

What is so interesting about Gambit? First of all, his superpowers. This mutant should be rather called Dynamite for his ability to convert the potential energy into kinetic energy of any object. As a result, you got the explosive power. But Gambit can control his power. There was also the times when he served as one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. And that gave him another ability – to turn the regular oxygen in the air into the suffocating gas.
It should be noted that the Gambit appears in several alternate universes created by Marvel. Which of these comic stories with this superhero will be used and recreated on the big screen is still unclear. Most likely, the events will take place chronologically after the latest movie in the franchise of X-Men, where mutants from the team of Professor Xavier will meet with threat of Apocalypse, one of the most dangerous villains, with whom they had never encountered. In any case, all details of the plot are currently kept in secret.

Gambit movie release date has been announced

There is no much information about casting or particular plotlines in the first Gambit movie. However, it is well-known for sure, that Channing Tatum will perform the main role.
Gambit movie release date is scheduled for October 7, 2016.
Gambit movie release on Bluray and DVD must be expected somewhere at the end of 2016.
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Will your wait for the new Marvel’s spin-off about this charismatic superhero?

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