Friday the 13th

A famous frightening and terrible horror movie Friday the 13th, which has already had a lot of interpretations and was presented by very different directors, will be premiered again soon on the screens. This story has already become a cult, and films about the terrible maniac Jason, as though it may sound strange, were watched by more than one generation of viewers. The premiere of a new movie takes place, of course, on Friday, on October 13, 2017. The audience around the world is intrigued by an upcoming premiere, because until today there hasn’t been any exact data about the features of the plot of the future film and the actors who will participate in it. Therefore, viewers are waiting a new horror movie with impatience and hope that the cinema will be able to surprise them and, of course, to scare.

Production Info

The person who is making the current movie is Breck Eisner, an American filmmaker known for his some previous successful projects. But he is not the only creator of the story, as he is working in cooperation with two screenwriters developing the plot and making it as interesting as possible. These people are Nick Antosca and Aaron Guzikowski.
Friday the 13th date release

Those producers, who are known to be working in the picture now, are the world famous professionals, promotion the story on the Internet and making it popular among the public. These developers are the following ones:

  • Bradley Fuller;
  • Michael Bay;
  • Andrew Form.

The company producing the film is Platinum Dunes; the most famous studio among a few distributors of the new Friday the 13 th is Paramount Pictures, a famous film production company.
Friday the 13th

About the Plot

Perhaps, it is difficult to find someone who has not heard about a mysterious murderer and maniac Jason Voorhees, wielding on Friday, the 13th. Each of the films of the franchise has always had a similar story: often this is a group of young people having a rest somewhere outdoors. Suddenly people realize that something is wrong when one by one they lose their friends. This entire wild is done by terrible Jason, who wears a hockey mask, and as a murder weapon always uses amachete. An upcoming horror film – one of the most anticipated movie of the pictures this autumn, and the public is assured that the creators will achieve the most frightening effect.

To date there is no official information yet about the cast of the film, but it is likely, the actors are chosen carefully, and all the characters will appear exactly believable, especially Jason himself.
Friday the 13th

Known Air Date and Expectations

The story will be presented to the audience on October 13, 2017. This date is confirmed by the authors, who, however, haven’t given all the information concerning the movie yet. Viewers are waiting for some additional news and hope that all the facts will be known in the near future. Stay tuned to be first to get all this data and find out all the facts about upcoming Friday the 13th.

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