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Friday the 13th is the film, which was produced in the United States of America. It is a cinema of horror genre, so only the people with the good nervous system can watch it. The premiere of the film Friday the 13th will appear in the year of 2017.


Here in such a mystical film, you will see a lot of talented people, who make this cinema really special. So, the main cast includes the following people:

  • Adrian King.
  • Betsy Palmer.
  • Mark Nelson.
  • Watt Gorny.
  • Ari Leman.
  • Kevin Bacon.
  • Irwin Keys.

The director of the film is Brak Eisner. The scriptwriters are Nick Antoska and Aaron Gyzikowski. The producers are Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Bradley Fuller.


The movie Friday the 13th will tell you the story about a trip to Crystal lake, where the main characters decided to come. Accidentally, they found the camera, which didn’t attach special significance at first, because that it is just the place for rest and they think, that someone randomly lost this thing.

However, everything fell into the right places, after they decided to review the video, which wasn’t recorded. After they watched the video, they were in a big shock, because the video shows a picture of the brutal murder of a person, whose face was hidden by a hockey mask. The killer was so cold-blooded, that all the campers got scared for their lives.

The guys from the movie Friday the 13th knew, that the crime was committed recently, and the killer looked as if he posed for the camera. The guys understood, that they urgently need to leave this place, in order not to provoke disaster on themselves.

However, that wasn’t so easy for them. In addition, later on, the lake came the another man, whose name was Michael. He was there not just for the search for the criminal – he just wanted to know, who killed his sister. But would the Michael will able personally to cope with a cold-blooded maniac Jason Vorhees, who killed many people? And what will stop him?


That cinema masterpiece will be interesting only for adult people. Here you will see a lot of amazing ideas and a lot of horrible situations when the main heroes are involved. You must be ready for it because that will give you an opportunity to enjoy this film at all.

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