In order to make a film interesting for the viewer, sometimes there is no need to invent a new story and develop it. Some pictures, enjoying success before, now are increasingly getting a second life, as well as an upcoming horror movie with elements of science fiction Flatliners. Early its predecessor was shown in 1990, and now the authors have decided to revive a popular picture of the time and make it more modern. The movie is scheduled for September 29, 2017 and on that day the audience will know whether the creators 27 years after the original release have added something new or not, and how the development of technology in the field of cinema is able to influence the film quality.

Creators and Producers

The person whose idea was to renew an earlier story is Niels Arden Oplev, a director and producer from Denmark. In process of making the film he is helped by two professional screenwriters involved in writing the script of the cinema – Peter Filardi and Ben Ripley.
Flatliners date release

There is also one more group of people whose task is not writing the story but its developing among the public and doing everything possible for an upcoming picture to be interesting to viewers. These people are:

  • Michael Bederman;
  • Michael Douglas;
  • Laurence Mark;
  • David Blackman;
  • Brian Oliver.

The rights to produce and distribute Flatliners belong to Screen Games, an American company which first mentioned and official release date of the movie.

About the Film

Talented students of one of the medical universities are engaged not only in learning, but also in other activities that would clearly not be endorsed by any of their teachers. Carried away by the idea of life and death, the young people are experimenting with a comatose state, making one another get in artificial trance, and then returning to reality. But this practice is, of course, can not go unnoticed, and soon the friends begin to realize that the things are not going the way they want. The total plot of a new film does not differ from an earlier version, well, more exact details will be known after the premiere.There are actors whose names are undoubtedly worth mentioning while talking about Flatliners. They are the following ones:

  • Kiefer Sutherland, whose character is Nelson;
  • Nina Dobrev, presenting Marlo;
  • Ellen Page, playing the role of Courtney;
  • Diego Luna, acting as Ray;
  • Kiersey Clemons, palying the role of Sophia;
  • James Norton, acting as Jamie, and some others.


Date of Release and Expectations

Those lovers of horror films who remember the original version of Flatliners look forward to watching a renewed movie and believe that the terms of release won’t be postponed. The air date is set for September 29, 2017, so stay tuned to get someother information concerning this picture and to be aware that it will be presented in time.

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