Finding Nemo 2 Release Date

finding nemo 2 release date

Finding Nemo 2 release date was scheduled for 2016. Studio Pixar intends the sequel to the animated movie called Finding Nemo, but this time it will look for Dory – a cute friend, who helped Nemo to find his family.
The details about the sequel to Finding Nemo: 
The voice of the forgetful fish Dory will be as well given by Ellen DeGeneres. After the announcement of the creation of the cartoon she admitted that she was waiting for the continuation of this insanely strong and now her expectations were met. She said that for a long time in the studio working on Pixar "Toy Story", so the continuation of the movie Nemo constantly postponed. However, thanks to the original story, it can be more interesting than the first part. Andrew Stanton, director of Pixar, plans to plunge the audience back to the underwater world and admits he did not see the fish without the original voice of Dory – Ellen DeGeneres.

finding nemo 2 release date was confirmed

Cartoon is a continuation of another successful animated film "Finding Nemo." But this time the main character’s actions selected forgetful fish Dory, who will try to "remember everything" and look for your family.
Together with Dory, a cartoon back all the familiar characters (Marlin, Nemo, the Ganges), and there will be many new ones. In 2003, the "Finding Nemo" has won several prestigious awards. In his Academy Award bestowed the title of "Best Animated cartoon", it was nominated for three awards. In 2008, the American Film Institute has made a cartoon in the list of the 10 best made for all the time. In addition, this cartoon in fourth place in the list of bestsellers of all time – he has collected 921.6 million dollars.
Finding Nemo 2 release date was scheduled for June 16, 2016. It may be called as Finding Dory but it is still the direct sequel to Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo 2 release date in the IMAX 3D format will be in the late of 2016.
The release date on DVD, Blu-ray and Netflix is set for the 17th June of 2016.

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