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The history of World War II is terrible but interesting. That was the time of severe people, severe actions, and difficult decisions. But thanks to the cardinal measures of the politicians those horrible years only stayed in the memory of our grandfathers and on the pages of books. Churchill was the brightest person of that time. And the name of Hitler is known all over the world. One of their stories is depicted in the second season of “Rendezvous with destiny”.  


The cast of the serial did not change comparing to the first season. That is a good decision because the audience got used to all the characters and actors. Robert Kirk and Robert Perry continue their work and do their best.


The idea belongs to Robert Kirk. He understands what he expects to see at the screen so he takes an active part in cinematographing. The second season devoted to the signing of Atlantic Charter. Churchill and FDR have a secret meeting where they discuss measures of fighting the fuhrer. The questions of prosper future are also discussed there. These plans are shared with other leaders but it is difficult to understand who is worth trust. Anglo-American alliance, the hidden motives of Stalin and an aggressive role of China will keep your eye till the end.

“Rendezvous with destiny” is drama. So you will see sensitive stories of lives of politicians and ordinary people involved in war and political strategy. Sad and happy lines of lives are tied with real historical facts. High-quality special effects will improve emotional background and recognition.


The release date of “Rendezvous with destiny” expects on 2016, so you will be able to enjoy the watching soon. Five episodes are planned with one-hour duration. An interesting fact is that all the countries are involved in the serial. And there is the biggest number of politicians rather in any modern film about World War II.

"Rendezvous with Destiny" — Michael Fullilove in conversation with Andrew Polsky

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