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Ferdinand is a long-expected film, which was created by the USA production company. It has different genres, such as animation, comedy, and adventure. The premiere of the film Ferdinand will be on the 22nd of December in the year 2017, so you will have good emotions while watching it at the end of this year.


Pay attention, that the cast of actors will be a secret for you. Here you will see a lot of people, who will satisfy you by their professional approach to the roles.

In the role of director, you will see Carlos Saldana and the scriptwriter here is Ian Southwood.


Here in the center of attention, you will see Ferdinand, who affectionately known as Ferdy. It is the best bull in the world. He loves the peace in this world, and his best lesson in this life is to stay under a tree, that protects from the burning Spanish sun. He really likes the smelling flowers and enjoys each moment of life.

But one day his life revolves on his head. He made a really ridiculous error – he made a decision to take part in the bull fights, which will be held in Madrid. But Ferdinand doesn’t even know, how to fight correctly and how to save his life from the other bullfighters.

Would he have an opportunity to survive among the other bulls? Who will get the blood of the best bull in the world? Will he be able to convince the others, that he is not the bull, whom they accept? Maybe he will even be able to convince everyone, who make the fights here.

When the fight will end, the bull will understand, that he makes a big mistake, when he decided to take part in such competition. In order to become a winner, the contestants must be bloodthirsty. But we can say it about this bull.


You must find a free time in order to watch this brilliant cinema masterpiece together with your relatives. Children will also have a lot of emotions when watching it. That movie will help the people to appreciate the life and each moment of it. Sometimes, that is the only thing, which can make the people really happy.

The irresistible characters, who will appear here and the main hero, who is full of positive emotions and skills – what can better? There are not so many films in our time, which will be good for the family watch. But this one was created especially for it.

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