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Fast & Furious 8 is an accomplished film, which will amaze people of different ages and social status. Here you will see such genres, as action, thriller, and crime. The production process is held in the USA, France, Japan, Samoa, Canada, UK. The film Fast & Furious 8 will appear in broadcast on the 13th of April in the year of 2017.


The cast of actors here is really special. So, when we want to name the best ones, we must underline only the people, who will appear here very often. They are:

  • Vin Diesel.
  • Dwayne Johnson.
  • Charlize Theron.
  • Jason Statham.
  • Scott Eastwood.
  • Kurt Russell.
  • Jordana Brewster.

The director of the film is F. Gary Gray. The producers are Ricardo Del Rio, Vin Diesel, Michael Fottrell, Finni Johannsson, Cliff Lanning, Chris Morgan, Neal H. Moritz. In the role of cinematographer, you will see Stephen F. Windon.


Before the 8th part of the film started to be made, the Universal company didn’t announce it. The new film will be really excited and here in the main role, you will see the greatest person by the name Vin Diesel. He thought, that this part will be one of the most successful and people will estimate it at all.

Here you wouldn’t see Paul Walker, because of his death. So, the new decisions of making an outstanding plot must be found.

In the center of attention here you will see a lot of successful people, who wanted to be real drivers. Each day they try to take part in different competitions. They didn’t afraid of anything, because they know, that everything will be okay. They have the most expensive cars and all the time they want to do something in order to make them better.

Some of the heroes have families. But all the main heroes like to name themselves as a big family. Each time they try to help each other in difficult situations and they believe, that together they will overcome all the problems of different character.


If you like cars and big speed, this film will be the best decision for watching in your free time. Besides, there is not so long period of time, in which you can watch it. The premiere of the film and its continuation will be very interesting for you and you must understand it. So, if you have an idea of spending your free time with pleasure, you must watch it.

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FAST AND FURIOUS 8 Trailer Teaser (2017)

FAST AND FURIOUS 8 – Official TRAILER (The Fate of the Furious, 2017)

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