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Sorcerer Delivering the 7th film franchise of Universal’s Fast and Furious for audiences has seen so much difficulties. After the enormous accomplishment of Fast & Furious 6, the eventual fate of the whole series was placed in jeopardy when its star, Paul Walker passed on recently. The crew and cast persevered forward through that disaster – and now Furious 7 (as its currently titled)will be released next April.

With seven movies already done, Universal is looking to do no less than three more. Not long ago various accounts indicated that the studio was thinking of ending the series with a finale that will involve multiple movies, as has turned into the pattern among huge, cash making franchises. This particular report likewise lined up with one from a year earlier that had said Tokyo Drift Actor, Lucas Black had penned down contract for two more Fast and Furious films after Furious 7, showing there were certainly more movies planned.

Furious 7 shall be the true test of whether the franchise has enough "oomph" to proceed – however Walker did some taping before his untimely passing and any of the remaining scenes were finished with body doubles and CGI. There’s additionally Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel, who both have been a stars of the Fast and Furious establishment for pretty much the length Walker did; in addition to more current stars like Neal H. Moritz, Ronda Rousey, Kurt Russell,Jason Statham, Tony Jaa, Djimon Hounsou, and Dwayne Johnson both bring along with them plenty of pull in the cinematic world. End result, the Furious establishment isn’t missing out on powerful men and women to focus the spotlight onto.Michael Fottrell returns to produce this film finely written by Chris Morgan.

Fast and Furious 7 – seventh of the fast franchise series, directed this time by Justin Lin is scheduled to premier in Russia for April 9, 2015. The new film will focus and pay tribute on the tragically departed life of lead star actor Paul Walker. As at the end of the fifth part, the end of the last movie contains a direct link to the continuation of which it becomes obvious that the characters are waiting for new plot twists in the confrontation with a mysterious character played by Jason Steytema. From the details of the plot it is only little known that the heroes have a new confrontation, this time by Ian Shaw, a brother who happened to be killed in the sixth part of the "main villain" Owen Shaw.

Interesting facts

The Car Dodge Daytona in the sixth part was made specially for this particular movie and it was bought for $ 5000.

In the event that three more movies are in the works, and in the event that they will undoubtedly act as multiple parts finale to the entire series, then the following question is whether Justin Lin who is the director will still be around to see the Fast and Furious to the end? After Furious 7, Lin is contracted to direct the initial two episodes of True Detective’s season two, however generally his timetable seems open for more of the Fast movies.

How would you feel about possibly three more Fast and Furious movies? Will Furious 7 serve to convince you on regarding the its longevity?

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