Fantastic Four Release Date

Fantastic Four release date

Fantastic Four release date is expected in 2015. Get the details about the reboot of the popular comic series by Marvel.

Fantastic Four as a new franchise will be the reboot of the graphic novel by Marvel. The new movies about these super-heroes will be separate from the two parts of 2000s. The premiere has already announced so that the release date is already known – the movie will be released in the summer of 2015. There will be other actors, but the story will be still the same.
The Plot:
Four astronauts went on a dangerous adventure of space, but something went wrong and returned back they found talent/superpower, which completely changed their lives. The young boy was the Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan) as completely ignited the fire, and his sister became the Invisible Woman (Kate Mara), which completely disappeared only herself and her clothes stayed on. The chief scientist on the trip became Mr. Fantastic (Miles Teller), which could stretch his limbs like rubber.

Fantastic Four release date is expected in 2015

And the fourth was the Beast (Jamie Bell) who has completely passed from person to stone, which obviously hurt him more than the ability of the rest. They will have to take these skills and learn to manage them. After all, when the city appears a superhero, then immediately there is a villain who wants to harm ordinary people, or even enslave them.
At first, of course, it would be difficult. The public does not want to take them immediately with open arms, and they will try to prove that they are on the contrary wanted to help, not hurt. Many difficulties are on their way, but only united the team; they will be able to overcome them. And all of them will be on the shoulder.
Fantastic Four release date is expected on August 7, 2015.
DVD release date of Fantastic Four reboot is planned for autumn of 2015.

Fantastic Four release date on Bluray is also expected in autumn of 2015.
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