Everest Movie Release Date

Everest movie release date

Everest movie release date has been finally announced. Check the information below.

Our readers are wondering when is Everest movie release date? The upcoming release of Everest movie will attract many fans of thrilling movies about a human exploring and conquering The Mother Nature.
The Plot:
New Everest movie is based on real events that took place in May of 1996. Then three expeditions to conquer the impregnable top, during the descent appeared in a terrible snowstorm. In this terrible blizzard killed eight climbers.

Everest movie release date has been finally announced

This dramatic thriller will be directed by Baltasar Kormakur. The film stars actors include Robin Wright, Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Clive Standen, Sam Worthington, Jason Clark, Emily Watson, and many others.
Everest movie release date is expected on September 18, 2015.
Everest movie release date on Bluray will happen not sooner than in winter of 2015.

DVD release date of Everest movie will probably happen in the very end of 2015.
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