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Euphoria is a drama film, which will be interesting for people of all ages and different social status. Here you will see an interesting story and amazing end of it. The premiere of the film will be on the 16th of October in the year of 2017.


When we want to underline the main people in the cast, here we must mention about such characters, as:

  • Alicia Vikander.
  • Eva Green.
  • Charles Dance.
  • Charlotte Rampling.
  • Mark Stanley.
  • Adrian Lester.
  • Steffen Jung.
  • Katja-Joana Brenner.

The director of the film is Lisa Langseth. The producers are Patrick Anderson, Frida Bargo, Charles Collier, Alicia Vikander, Malte Forsell, Robert Halmi Jr., Fredrick Heinig, Michel Morales, Jim Reeve, Christine Ruppert. The scriptwriter is Lisa Langseth.


This film will present you a psychological and dramatic plot, which is created by English cinematographists. It will present you the relationships between two sisters, during their long trip. They have a lot of conflicts between each other and, when the first one tries to find the man of her life, the other try to help mother and everything was very complicated for her.

The second sister have no quit from such a situation – their mother was very ill, so she was with her all the time and all the pain, which she has, she must see and overcome. In order to save her mother or even help her to feel happy, she forgets about everything, what the young girl need.

After a big separation, they have an undistinguished dislike, but they have no other chance, so they decided to visit different European countries and quarrel every time. There is no understanding in their language, so each day the new stressed situations appear and nobody of them wanted to reach the compromise.

But the aim of such trip is the same for both sisters. They must find one special thing together, so, that’s why, they must discuss all the problems, which they have in order to find the decision of it.


This film will introduce you the problems, which may appear in every family. Here you will have an opportunity to see, how two adult people can quarrel as the result of their misunderstanding. So, when watching it, you will understand, how important it is to find a compromise.

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