Euphoria (2017)

Scandinavian cinema continues to win the hearts of audiences around the world. The public knows and remembers other popular pictures of the production of this country (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Kon-Tiki and many others), and now in 2017 there will be a new project called Euphoria. This drama has already earned popularity among the audience even before its official release, and the rating of expectations is very high. The upcoming film will be presented to the world on June 10, 2017. This date has been officially confirmed by the authors and movie producers, so the audience will have to wait for the summer and personally make sure that the new Swedish production project will be as successful as all the previous works.

Authors Crew

As it has been mentioned, the director of Euphoria is Lisa Langseth, a Swedish writer and director. In fact she is the only author of the film who developed the script and invented the whole story.
But the crew of producers contains more personalities who are responsible for soon release and presenting the movie to the audience. These people are:

  • Patrik Andersson;
  • Robert Halmi Jr.;
  • Jim Reeve;
  • Fredrik Heinig;
  • Alicia Vikander;
  • Charles Collier;
  • Michel Morales.

There are a few companies distributing the picture and developing it on the screen: Vikarious Productions ltd., B-Reel and Dancing Camel Films.

Brief Review and Cast

Euphoria (2017) Promo
The main actors taking part in Euphoria and presenting its main actors are the following ones:

  • Alicia Vikander (plays the role of Ines);
  • Eva Green (her character is Alicia’s sister Emilie);
  • Charlotte Rampling;
  • Charles Dance;
  • Mark Stanley;
  • Steffen Jung and a few others.

The film revolves around two sisters who haven’t seen each other for a very long period of time. The girls decided to go on a desperate adventure and set off on a trip to Europe, where they will meet with different people and pass an interesting and sometimes difficult way. The story is sure to be appreciated by the lovers of serious drama, so the movie will definitely gain a lot of fans after official release.

Soon Release Date and Viewers’ Interest

The debut of the picture is planned for June 10, 2017. There is not much time to wait for the premiere, and the viewers’ interest to the cinema is so strong that the critics predict a great success to an upcoming film. The public will certainly see the vivid cast and brilliant acting, so Euphoria is certainly worth watching.


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