Enders Game 2 Release Date

Ender’s Game 2 release date

Ender’s Game 2 release date has been scheduled. Catch the latest news below.

Today, the science fiction genre is going through hard times. However, occasionally there are released fantastic movies that break all the stereotypes. One of these films was Ender’s Game – the movie version of the popular book written by Orson Scott Card. It is not surprising that viewers want to learn when Ender’s Game 2 premiere will be. Especially since Orson Card has written several books about this universe.


Viewers who are interested in the release date of the film "Ender’s Game 2," will have to wait. Although there are rumors that the source for the second part of the book can be Orson Scott Card, "Speaker for the Dead" (released in 1986), but this is doubtful because of its action takes place 3000 years after the events described in the first part. The main character is currently only 35 years (due to relativistic cosmic wanderings). Now, his name is not Ender, and Andrew Wiggin, as the name of the past had been associated with war. Nevertheless, he is the only character who moved from the previous book. And Asa Butterfield, who played the role in the first tape, even if his age is not suitable for the role Wiggin.
Theoretically, this novel is a direct continuation of the first. But for successful movie franchise necessary to almost all the heroes of the first part they were alive. So, perhaps, the makers try to take it as a work of Card and adapt to more traditional Hollywood sequel.

Ender’s Game 2 release date has been scheduled

Interesting Facts

The creators of the first part hinted that the movie will be a sequel almost immediately after the premiere. However, although the prequel was released in 2013, at the moment there is no information about its continuation. And, considering that the last time out, to remove and clean the screen version of the Hollywood project protracted, it took 28 years, it is unlikely the tape will be released in the near future. All the more so with a budget of $ 110 million charges amounted to only 125 million dollars, this is not very encouraging results.
On the other hand, the book "Speaker for the Dead" trilogy forms its own, more "adult" in their subject and style than "Ender’s Game". This makes it more promising than the first part. So, perhaps, the director will be able to find investors for such a large-scale project by specifying a different target audience. After all, there was the problem of the first movie – is too serious for teens, too child to adult viewers.
Finally, the director of the first movie Gavin Hood says that the name of the sequel could be made as a "complex character". However, this is, like the whole movie-making process as a whole, is in question.
Ender’s Game 2 release date is yet to be announced, but we should expect it in Q1 of 2017.
Ender’s Game 2 release date on Bluray and DVD is expected somewhere in 2017.
While waiting, watch Ender’s Game movie trailer 1:

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