Empires of the Deep


Empires of the Deep is an original film, which will be estimated by the fantasy genre lovers. Here you will see an amazing story and you will be allured with it. The film was created in China and the USA. The premiere of the film Empires of the Deep will be in the year of 2017.


When you need to know the cast of actors, such an information will be suitable and valuable for you. Here you will see that amazing person:

  • Olga Kurylenko.
  • Steve Polites.
  • Maxx Maulion.
  • Pierre Bourdaud.
  • Jean-Michel Casanova.
  • Boyde Thom Skinner.
  • David A. Williams.
  • Andre Queries.

Among the directors of this film, we must name Michael French. Jonathan Lawrence, Scott Miller. The producers are Mark Byers, George Lascu, and Harrison Liang. When we talk about the scriptwriters, here we must underline Randall Frakes and Jiang Hongyu.


That picture will satisfy the people with help of unbelievable Empires of the Deep. Here you can see a lot of similarities with the famous Avatar film because the computer graphics here is the same. So, you must be ready for the unique and frantic sight.

In the center of attention, you will see the Empires of the Deep and here you will be charmed with the enigmatic submarine world, which can be seen not by everyone. The main hero of this story is the guy under the name of Atlas and he has mystique skills. With help of them, he can come under the water and stay here for a long period of time.

One day he decided to come to the Empires of the Deep in order to save his own father because his life was in the deathful danger. Under the water there live the huge monsters and the mermaids. As you know from the cartoons, nobody can trust the mermaids, because they are always ready to make any craft or cunning. Besides, here he will have the meeting with the queen of mermaids – she is the beautiful water princess. This queen didn’t love the disorders on her territory. But there the changes will come and Atlas will be the forerunner of it.

The viewers will see the most dazzling and adorable story, which can`t be compared with the other cinema in the modern cinematography.


If you wanted to spend your free time with pleasure, you must pay attention to this cinema masterpiece and you will be very happy to see it.

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Empires of the Deep OFFICIAL TRAILER (2012) – Olga Kurylenko – MOVIE HD

Empires of the Deep Official Trailer (2012) – Olga Kurylenko

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