Empires of the Deep (2017)

Stories of mermaids and underwater events have always attracted the interest of the audience, because each director has his own approach and vision of the picture of this fictional world. For the last several years, the audience has been looking forward to release a movie that during the production has changed four directors and ten story writers. Such a long period is due to some problems with the financing, but the audience hopes that in 2017 the movie all the same will be released and will be able to justify such a large interest of the public and the authors’ promises. After all, the movie has been finalized for almost five years, and no one has a desire to wait any longer.

Producers and Creators

Empires of the Deep (2017) Cast
There have been a few directors working in Empires of the Deep, and those worth noting are the following ones:

  • Jonathan Lawrence;
  • Michael French;
  • Scott Miller.

These people have worked with scriptwriters, and the most part of the story is written by Hongyu Jiang and Randall Frakes.
The crew of producers developing the film for the past years and working for soon release on the world’s screens consists of the following personalities:

  • Harrison Liang;
  • Mark Byers;
  • Michael Jones;
  • George Lascu.

The film is still in the searches of qualitative and reliable distributors, and when they’re found the movie is likely to immediately and at least be presented to the audience.

About the Film

Empires of the Deep (2017) Spoiler
What are the secrets and mysteries of the underwater world? Why mermaids are creatures that are so tempting and luring for many men? And finally, why all the stories about these creatures are always associated with a certain drama and sad story? The answers to all these questions the audience might find in an upcoming film Empires of the Deep. The plot of the cinema is connected with an ancient Greek hero named Atlas, who coincidentally falls into the underwater world inhabited by mysterious and sometimes dangerous creatures. Rescuing father, Atlas meets a girl, a mermaid, and here, of course, the authors can not do without a love story.
The cast of the movie includes the following actors:

  • Olga Kurylenko, playing the role of the main mermaid;
  • Steve Polites as Atlas;
  • Jean-Michel Casanova, who represents the Pirate Captain;
  • Maxx Maulion as Trajin;
  • Pierre Bourdaud, whose character is Gava, and others.

Possible Terms of Release

A huge part of work has already been made, and there are all the chances for the film to be released in the nearest future. If it happens, the audience around the world will probably see Empires of the Deep in 2017 and will be able to estimate such long creators’ work. Stay tuned to know the date of release and be aware of any news announces by the authors.


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