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Dunkirk is a brilliant film with an outstanding plot. Here you will see such genres, which are combined together. They are military, drama and history. The film Dunkirk will be available on the movie screens on the 19th of July in the year of 2017.


The main cast of actors will impress you at all, so you must know, who are that people:

  • Tom Hardy.
  • Cillian Murphy.
  • Mark Rylance.
  • Kenneth Branagh.
  • James D`Arcy.
  • Harry Styles.
  • Aneurin Barnard.

The director of the film is Christopher Nolan. Among the producers, we must mention Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas, John Bernard, Erwin Godschalk, Jake Myers, Greg Silverman, Andy Thompson. The scriptwriter is Christopher Nolan.


The events of this story take place in the time when the Second World War appear. After a log fights the German Army decided to block the host of the rally in the small French city Dunkirk, which is located near the sea. The huge power of the enemy hosts crushes a rebellion of French, English and Belgian powers, by late mating them.

The parts of the host allies get in the trap, because on their way they have the bloodthirsty enemies, who pressed the ring of occupation, so the only way to go out alive is to trip by sea.

In order to save the soldiers, Churchill made a decision to evacuate the army from the seaside and together they try to be ready to the serious operation under the title of Dynamo or Dunkirk operation. The British admiralty decided to save the people in a deep blockade, so they use all the ships, which they have on their own.

The chief of the operation has the name, Bertram Ramsey. The Deutsche command finds out the start of the new safety operation and they do everything, what they can do in order to stop the evacuation. A lot of bombers are sent in order to make everything for not saving of the soldiers. But with help of the savers and the citizens of the French city, they have the possibility to save more than 300 000 soldiers, who were under the blockade.


If you like to watch the films, which present the most outstanding historical facts, this cinema masterpiece will be your best choice. Here you will see, how the brave soldiers fight with the enemies and what the efforts the ordinary people use in order to help the national heroes.

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