Dracula 2 Release Date

Dracula 2 release date

Dracula 2 release date was scheduled. The details are given below.

Vampires are basically animals who need blood, but most of them were once ordinary people. The director Gary Shore along with the main actor in the case Luke Evans will re-appear in Dracula 2 premiere. The story of the movie will continue the story of Vlad Tepes a.k.a. Dracula.
Legendary Pictures has begun the work on a sequel in the end of 2015.
The Plot
The story of Vlad Tepes is a loving father and the young ruler of Wallachia. His opponent Mehmed is an avid supporter of the war and ill-mannered. He threatens Vlad and requires family man 1000 young guys who will prepare for battle.
With no other choice, Vlad ruled by anger and suffering, he goes far away from human settlements and finds an ancient bloodsucker who has the right to force anyone. Warrior makes a deal with the devil and becomes immortal, promises to drink blood.
The protagonist faced with crushing the enemy army, and to save the family drank the blood of the ancient vampire and his troops won, in the continuation of his fight with even more powerful and cruel enemy.

Dracula 2 release date was scheduled

The second full-length movie by director Gary Shore tells another endless story about Count Dracula. The exploits of the character from the novels of Bram Stoker’s known to many, and even a child can tell us about its origins and purpose.
However, this movie will present many surprises as it is based on a new story from the writer Matt Burke who works to this story did not know nobody knows.

Dracula 2 release date was scheduled for September 18, 2017.
There is no information about Dracula 2 release date on DVD and Bluray.
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