Dark Places Release Date

Dark Places release date

Dark Places release date will happen very soon. Check the details below.

If you like thriller and horror movie, then you should definitely expect for Dark Places premiere that will happen this summer.


A few years ago it was committed terrible murder that shook the entire Kansas. Libby was at that time still a girl. She lived together with his elder brother and parents in Kansas. It remains unknown what happened to the consciousness of adolescent girls. But the elder brother Libby committed the murder of their parents. There are special reasons for this. This tragedy shook the entire country. The main witness of the prosecution was Libby. Her brother was sentenced to life imprisonment, but the girl had to stay with fear and panic for good.
The brother of Libby in a perfect way and could not admit that did not generate a lot of secrets and rumors. Libby, as a grown woman, twenty-five years after the event in her life, she decided to meet with his brother-killer. Viewers will have to watch the rendezvous relatives. What effects will this meeting no one knows, but many mysteries will be revealed.

Dark Places release date will happen very soon

The movie is quite scary but interesting. Turn unpredictable events, rapid change of the plot and interesting finale – all this can be seen after the release of the movie.
Dark Places release date in cinemas will happen very soon – on August 13, 2015.
Dark Places release date on Bluray and DVD will happen in autumn of 2015.
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