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D`apres une histoire vraie is a picky film, that was created in France and Belgium. In this film, you will see the two genres, which are combined together. They are thriller and drama. The premiere date of the film D`apres une histoire vraie will be in the year of 2017, so you will watch it so soon.


Here we must mention about the main actors in the cast. And they will amaze you at all. They are:

  • Eva Green.
  • Emmanuelle Seigner.
  • Vincent Perez.

In the role of director here you will see Roman Polanski. The producer is Wassim Beji. In the roles of scriptwriters here, you will see Olivier Assayas, Roman Polanski, Delphine de Vigan.


The French melodrama plot is based on the real events. Here you will see the story about the young writer, who is disturbed of her life. This woman wanted to dedicate herself to the family tragedy and she decided to make a literary production, which will present the story of family drama. Such a sincere woman revelation got the interest of the readers, who really like to know more about people suffers. The roman started to be popular among the critics and the population, who wanted to know more about it.

But, even the appearance of such bestseller didn’t wake up the mental attitude, so she is lead to the dejected oblivion, which is adjoined with deep amentia. But one little person, who is proud of this woman, with a big tender decided to come to the life of the woman. Such an open admiration can lead to a huge amount of rumors and open condemnation of such relations. This attention with the criminate notes will kindle the passion of the young person, who started to be obsessed and dangerous.

It is so hard for one woman to deal with such a relations and to write a real bestseller, which will be interesting for the people of all the ages.


Every woman can have such a life situation, so you mustn’t discuss the main heroine of this film. It will present you, that life is the unusual thing and sometimes the most interesting secrets are hiding here.

When watching this film, you will understand, that it is a quite good idea to make such a cinema masterpiece. It is very attractive and long-expected, so, finally, in the year of 2017 you will see it and you will be enthralled by it at all.

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D’APRES UNE HISTOIRE VRAIE, court métrage de Cédric PREVOST – Bande-annonce

L’horrible crime américain (HISTOIRE VRAIE) film entier en francais

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