In a last desperate attempt to stop a global catastrophe, genetics perform the incredible operation to implant the memories and abilities of the CIA agent who was killed – in a dangerous body concluded with the hope that he will bring to the end of his mission that agent couldn’t complete.

Unusual combination of cast

Not so many actors can split work so good like Tommy Lee Jones. This man sometimes totally interested in one movie and a little less in another. This can be easily explained Some movies need his dedication, another need just a small role like stubborn and bored and not so young man. When he signed in “Criminal” we can just guess if it will be the serious role or not.
Hollywood Reporter shows that Lee Jones started to work with Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman in new pic“Criminal”, a strange-sounding thriller with director Ariel Vromen.
Criminal With Ryan Reynolds
The main criminal guy will be done by Kevin Costner. Lee Jones will be in this movie a neuroscientist and he started to use this technology and control the object. Same time Gary Oldman is the agent who must complete this operation successfully. We can assume, that it will be serious philosophical competition between scientist and lawman.
Usually, it can look like a bad cliche, but now it obviously looks like Lee Jones must play task man, and it will be really exciting to observe Jones with the new cerebral role. He finished a pic of Luc Besson’s “Family” 2015. And instead of perk up next to Robert De Niro was same bored, unhappy and gruff.
It will be something interesting, or we will be disappointed in the role of Jones? “Criminal” will be his next step or same usual for him acting?
Interesting facts:

  • Gary Oldman and Michael Pitt played the role of Mason Verger. Oldman has appeared in this role in the movie "Hannibal" (2001), and Pitt – in three episodes of the second season of the series of the same name (2013-2015).
  • “Criminal” release date 15 April 2016
  • Employed in the film, Gary Oldman, Kevin Costner and Lee Jones starred in the movie "JFK” (1991).
  • Filming had to be postponed for a week because Tommy Lee Jones broke his ribs.
  • Nicolas Cage rejected the main role.
  • This is the second action-movie that includeTommy Lee Jones in 2016. The first will be "The Mechanic: Resurrection" (2016), after this will come not yet received the name movie, as the continuation of films about Jason Bourne with Matt Damon. In this movie and in the film "The Mechanic: Resurrection" starred actress Natalia Guslistaya.

Criminal Promo

Old actors making quality

In spite of the old age of actors, movie rating increases. Director made the really great mix of genius cast. Kostner looks really handsome and impressive. Gary Oldman – so valuable actor in this movie just making the audience more and more excited. That’s why this picture already in the top of the most expected movies of this year.

Official trailer of Criminal movie

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