Crank 3 Release Date

Crank 3 release date

Crank 3 release date was scheduled for the second quarter of 2015.

Nowadays Jason Statham is the most brutal "macho" in Hollywood and ingenuity that he played in the action-thriller "Crank". Will we see him again in the role of Chev Chelios in a history of the constant struggle for life all over? You cannot just like that to take the dead man to revive and give it a new story for the fight. Or can you? After the first part of adrenaline, which came out in 2006, all also thought that the main character cannot be saved because he fell from a helicopter and how to resuscitate here?
He’s not Jason Voorhees in fact it really. But then the creators have come up with how to do it and to take care that the main character did not die at the end of the second part. Yes, it’s a little burnt, perhaps become less beautiful, but he was alive. And it says only that it left the director to live, what would the story continued.

Crank 3 release date was scheduled

Since the release of Crank: High Voltage has been almost 5 years – the fans are waiting for the new movie. Recall that the second part came out three years after the first one. A worse sign is that the second part of the fees was much more modest first at great expense. And the fact that the director’s due in this period took a mediocre movie "Gamer" and totally failed with "Ghost Rider 2", which has led producers to begin to doubt the wisdom of the filming of the third part. But do not lose heart.
All foreign media is leaking news that the third part of the shooting is still going. Moreover, it confirms and Amy Smart, who played the girlfriend of the protagonist. And her erotic scene with Jason Statham – it is an occasion to remove the third part because it was a real "chip" of the movie.
Presumably Crank 3 release date is Spring of 2015.

Bluray release date of Crank 3 movie is highly expected next year.
Crank 3 movie release date on DVD is scheduled for the late period of 2015.
Will you watch for the new move of Crank 3?

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