Constantine 2 Release Date

Constantine 2 release date

Constantine 2 release date has been confirmed. The shooting has been already scheduled.

This is a popular mystery movie with a lot of action where the main role was performed by Keanu Reeves. And finally the first movie will get a, hopefully, good sequel.


In the first part of this movie franchise adapted from famous comic books John Constantine appears before the audience as the fighter with Evil forces. He fights with demons, evil spirits and cleanse the earth of evil. But John himself could not find peace, because he once committed a terrible sin, after which began to see something that was not allowed to see the common man. Because of this, your main character will not live in peace, because wherever he was, at his heels he pursues something from which in the common man would stop his heart.
John Constantine is an exorcist, which is still worth looking for. He helped a girl named Angela Dodson and her twin sister Isabel to know what happened to them in reality. For this he had to do the impossible – to go to hell, to meet Satan himself and to visit the border between the two worlds. However, Constantine did. His unique gift for the salvation of others, but a curse for him, but he cannot do anything with it. All that remains is a man – to continue the difficult, dangerous and often very thankless game with evil.

Constantine 2 release date has been confirmed

Interesting facts

The plot of Constantine 2 premiere is the secret behind seven seals. What is known is that the basis for the continuation of the story will serve the same comic novels that used for the first movie’s script. There is also information that the second part will be a sequel rather than a prequel, as anticipated by many fans.
The project was officially announced on the 3rd March of 2015.
Constantine 2 release date is expected at the end of 2016.
Constantine 2 release date on Bluray and DVD is scheduled for Q1 of 2017.
For now watch Constantine movie trailer 1:

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