Coco Release Date

Coco release date

Coco release date was scheduled for 2017. The details were disclosed below.

Musical animated movie Coco comes to the big screen in autumn of 2017 by the studio Disney. As it has become a tradition for many decades, another story of the famous cartoon animation is full of music, humor, friendship and adventure.
The Plot:
This time, the character of the new Disney cartoon was the cheerful and cheerful boy Mexican Coco. He was only twelve years old, but he has managed to uncover an old family secret. The plot of the movie was developed on the eve of the Feast of the Dead – a traditional Mexican carnival on Halloween when residents of Indian tribes worshiped the spirits of ancestors and dress up in scary costumes.
Coco is faced with a mystery of his own family and legends come to live, frightening and confusing. But if you need to help cope with a difficult situation where you may find new friends and love for life. Spectators will be amused with music and dance, spiced with a good portion of the Latin American folklore and southern melody.

Coco release date was scheduled for 2017

The voiced animated movie will feature the most well-known actors, but no less professional Hannah Mae Lee, John D. Washington, Jill Scott and others.

Coco release date was scheduled for November 23, 2017.
There is no information about Coco release date on DVD and Bluray.
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