Vivid and memorable comedies about the police – this is the format of the movie, which has always been liked by the audience and caused only positive emotions. Recently it has been shown quite a lot of such stories where the protagonists were often clumsy, but as a rule, cute and nice guardians of order. That new project CHIPS will be linked precisely with a similar plot. Interestingly, that the team of creators took as a basis of the film a TV series story of the same name that aired on

American television in 1970’s. Not long ago an exact date of release of future comedy was announced: the film starts on March 24, 2017. Whether the creators will manage to present the idea of the film as the audience wants it, we will know in the near future.
CHIPS date release

Authors Crew

The main creator of CHIPS is Dax Shepard, a filmmaker from the US, acting at the same time as the main character of the movie. He hasn’t worked with any screenwriters and developed the whole script of the cinema by himself. The only thing he did was using an earlier story’s idea, the TV series CHiPs, which aired long ago, more than 30 years ago.

But there are people who also have done much for an upcoming picture to be popular among viewers and get recognition on the Internet and mass media. These people are professional producers, and they are such as:

  • Andrew Panay;
  • Bob Dohrmann;
  • Nate Tuck;
  • Greg Silverman;
  • Ravi D. Mehta;
  • Rick Rosner.


The studio which is distributing the film and is responsible for the presenting of its premiere date is Warner Bros. Pictures, the company which needs no introduction.

About the Plot

In the center of the plot of a new project are presented two policemen named Frank and Jon. They are committed to daily patrolling Los Angeles on motorcycles and are always ready to respond to any call to the dispatcher. They are friends, but quite different, with individual views on life and constantly make fun of each other. In addition, each of these brave officers is always ready to support hispartner. Once receiving a call on another crime, the friends realize that this case is much more serious than what that they had had before, and now they have to collect all their strength to solve the problem according to the law.

The cast of the CHIPS is undoubtedly worth mentioning:

  • Michael Peña’s character is Frank;
  • Dax Shepard, the director of the film, playing the role of Jon;
  • Vincent D’Onofrio presents Vic Brown;
  • Adam Brody, presenting Clay Allen;
  • Ryan Hansen, playing the role of Brian Grieves;
  • Jessica McNamee, whose character is Lindsey Taylor, and some others.

Soon Debut and Possible Rating

The cinema CHIPS will certainly be popular among viewers and will be able to gain many feedbacks, and most of them, according to the authors’ promises, will be positive. Stay tuned for receiving additional information concerning the film and be aware of all its interesting details.

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