CHIPS (2017)

Comedy funny stories about the police – it is classics of movie. A whole lot of these paintings about a similar subject have been presented to date. Some of them are remembered by the audience, some are not, but the format has become popular. The authors of an upcoming American comedy CHIPS hope that the story created by them will be one of the favorite of the public and will be remembered for a long time. In this movie play colorful characters, and the plot is not entirely trivial and ordinary. Producers of the project have reported that the comedy will be presented on March 24, 2017. It is necessary to wait for this time and make sure whether the authors have been able to bring in a familiar genre something new, but now it’s better to talk a little about the movie.

Creators Crew

The cinema is directed only by Dax Shepard, an American filmmaker and at the same time actor playing one of the main roles in the film. He was writing the script on his own without any help. He just used the idea of Rick Rosner’s TV series CHiPs, which aired more than 30 years ago, and used it as the basis of his project.
CHIPS (2017) Release Date
The people who present all the official information and work with the public are producers, and among are worth mentioning such as:

  • Bob Dohrmann;
  • Greg Silverman;
  • Rick Rosner;
  • Ravi D. Mehta;
  • Nate Tuck;
  • Andrew Panay.

The picture CHIPS is distributed by the company which is known to everyone – Warner Bros. Pictures, and it was it which first mentioned about the release date.

Plot Peculiarities

Two police partners, Jon and Frank, patrol the streets of Los Angeles on motorcycles. In spite of their different characters and world view, the men are the best friends and to all the calls they go together. Getting a signal from a controller, they go to a crime scene, intending to save the city from the next malefactor. The policemen are constantly making fun of each other, but ready to defend partner and come to the rescue to each other. In the film there will surely be a lot of comical and absurd situations that these funny cops will get to, and viewers will be able to make sure that the authors have worked on the conscience and have made a funny and good comedy.
The actors who perform the cast of CHIPS are the following ones:

  • Dax Shepard, who is a director of the movie, plays the role of Jon;
  • Michael Peña presents Jon’s partner Frank;
  • Adam Brody’s character is Clay Allen;
  • Vincent D’Onofrio plays the role of Vic Brown;
  • Jessica McNamee presents Lindsey Taylor;
  • Ryan Hansen’s character is Brian Grieves.

Soon Release and Possible Interest

Looking at the plot of CHIPS one can say, that this comedy is not an original one, but, anyway, it’s worth watching due to vivid cast and good acting. The date of premiere is already known, and the movie is scheduled for March 24, 2017. It’s too early to talk about possible rating, but the creators hope for the public to accept their product with pleasure. Stay tuned and make sure on your own whether the promises of the filmmakers are worthwhile.


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