Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Release Date


Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie is an alluded cartoon, which will be interesting for people and children of all the ages. Here you will see the elements of animation, action, and comedy. The film Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie will appear on the 1st of June in the year of 2017, so very soon you will have a good joy while watching such a cinema masterpiece.


In this movie, not so many characters will appear. So, in order to make it charming, here you will be presented the voice of outstanding people. The cast consists of:

  • Kevin Hart.
  • Kristen Schaal.
  • Nick Kroll.
  • Ed Helms.
  • Jordan Peele.
  • Thomas Middleditch.
  • Lesley Nicol.

The director of the film is David Soren. The scriptwriters are Dav Pilkey and Nicholas Stoller. When we talk about the producers, here we must mention Deborah Forte, Damien Simon Klein, Mireille Soria, Mark Swift.


In this cinema, you will see the two school boys in the center of attention. Of course, their life is full of adventures, but not so long ago they find the new and interesting hobby. Using ordinary books, they started to know more about hypnosis, but that wasn’t so easy, as they can imagine it. Firstly, they make a lot of trials on their friends and relatives.

But then they understand, that the power of hypnosis is rather big. So, that’s why they decided to take part in an amazing adventure. They decided to hypnotize the director of the school. Boys don’t believe in it, but they reach this aim so easy. So, what would they do with the director?

The decided to make him a superhero. And this hero will be able to help the students even in the most complicated situations. They don’t think about his name so long. In order to make the act fun and exciting, they give him a name Captain Underpants.


As you could understand, that film will be one of the most exciting for you. Here a lot of funny situations will be shown, so both children and adults will be satisfied with it. That film will amaze you at all because all the characters here are beautiful and bright. So, when it will appear on the movie screens, you must watch the film together with your family and spend your valuable free time with pleasure. Besides, then you can discuss this brilliant film with them.

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