Brave 2 Release Date

Brave 2 release date

Brave 2 release date was announced by Pixar. The details of the upcoming sequel are disclosed below.

Brave 2 premiere is the sequel to this cartoon masterpiece and the continuation of the first fairy tale from the studio Pixar released in theaters in summer of 2012.
The movie was directed by Brenda Chapman in the plot reveals all his sincere love of the masterpieces of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm.
After the premiere of the first movie, Brands received many letters of thanks from parents for such a wonderful and kind cartoon with other novelties years 2016-2017 can be found in this article.

The Plot:

The cartoon describes the life of the royal family of Scottish monarchs, the King Fergus, and Queen Elinor faithful wife appears lovely daughter Princess Merida.
Fergus head of the family is ready to give everything to his family was happy, moreover, it is a fearless warrior. One fine day he presented Merida bow and arrow. Merida is growing by leaps and bounds, she is so fond of shooting from onions donated that neither puts down it’s not for a minute.
Soon the family is waiting for completion, the king and queen are born triplets boys, their sister Merida much from them is no different, she liked more than boyish fun. All this does not please Queen Elinor – her mother – who wants her daughter to look like it was more feminine and male employment dropped, especially his favorite bow.

Brave 2 release date was announced by Pixar

As it is tradition, the princess must marry the son of one of the three heads of the clans of the kingdom of Lords. Mother gives Merida decree, the one who won the competition rules, which determine her daughter, and he will get her heart.
How should guess the young princess chooses competitions in archery, and surprisingly she wants to participate in it. She wins, a scandal erupted between the lords of the kingdom begins the civil war.
The princess quarrels with the queen and leaves the kingdom. Lost in the Woods Mira meets the witch and asks for her help, trying to her mother and to stop the war, but instead, the evil witch has imposed spell on the queen, and she turned into a bear, and now Merida has to correct the situation alone.
In the sequel, Merida will become a queen. That is all for the details of the second movie’s storyline.
Brave 2 release date was scheduled for 2017.
Wait for the official details about the release date of Brave 2 on DVD and Bluray.
While waiting, please watch Brave movie trailer 2:

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