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Blade Runner 2049 is an extraordinary film, which will amaze you by lots of amazing and unusual events. It is made in the fantastic genre, so when you like it, you must watch this. Blade Runner 2049 will appear on broadcast on the 4th of October in the year of 2017.


Here in the Main cast, you will have an opportunity to meet those people:

  • Ana de Armas.
  • Ryan Gosling.
  • Jared Leto.
  • Harrison Ford.
  • Mackenzie Davis.
  • Robin Wright.
  • Dave Bautista.

The director is Denis Villeneuve. The producers are Broderick Johnson, Andrew A. Kosove, Ridley Scott, Bud Yorkin, Yale Badik, Dana Belcastro, Bill Carraro, Tim Gamble, Frank Giustra, Val Hill, Carl Rogers, Cynthia Sikes, Steven P. Wegner.


The events of that film took place in the far away future, in which you will see, that people conquer the cosmic space, by getting an opportunity to travel to the different planets. Also here people will produce special robots – cyborgs, who can do the people`s work for them.

But some the produced robots are clever, that the people and they are named as replicants. They can be dangerous for people and they don’t want to be the people slaves. So, the scientists find the quit from this situation – replicants live only 4 years, so they wouldn’t have an opportunity to struggle against people.

But one day some cyborgs escaped the cosmic colony and now they present a great danger for all the humanity. To stop them experienced detective Rick Depart decided to do something, despite he is retired. He wanted to do his best to find the cyborgs, who now have the appearance of an ordinary people.

Rick realized, that they will come to the owner of a corporation, who do the experiences on cyborgs. His name is Idol Tail reel. Now Rick must do everything in order to stop the robots, who wanted to make a real uprising. To know, did he reach his aim, watch this film from the beginning till the end.


If you have a wish to spend a free time with pleasure, this film will be a great idea. The idea of it is rather unusual and nobody knows, what will be the end of it. But the only thing you will understand – it is a great work of Actors, directors, producers and scriptwriters, so you wouldn’t be dull while watching it.

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Blade Runner 2049 Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2017) Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford Sci-Fi Movie HD

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