Bitter Harvest (2017)

Bitter Harvest is a highly expected romantic drama set against the tragic events in the Ukrainian history. The direction is fully behind George Mendeluk. Bitter Harvest release date is a defined matter but let’s turn to it a bit later.
Ian Ihnatowycz financed and produced “Bitter Harvest” in harness with Stuart Baird, Chad Barager, George Mendeluk, and Jaye Gazeley. Dennis Davidson, Peter D. Graves, and William J. Immerman appear as executive producers.
Bitter Harvest (2017) Release Date
The acting cast contains the following names:

  • Max Irons,
  • Samantha Barks,
  • Barry Pepper,
  • Terence Stamp,
  • Richard Brake,
  • Aneurin Barnard,
  • Tom Austen,
  • Tamer Hassan,
  • Lucy Brown.

Ukrainian Drama

Performers have big shoes to fill, as the story is based on historical events taking place in Soviet Ukraine when Joseph Stalin ran the campaign to starve the Ukrainian people in 1932-33, the years that are also known as the Holodomor.
It is hard not even to imagine but also submerge into that tragic atmosphere of those times. In cooperation with Richard Bachynsky-Hoover, Medeluk made the story of two loving hearts a key pillar that unfolds against the backdrop of Holodomor.
The idea of the film is transpicuous – we should remember the historical experience to prevent the same from happening.
Bitter Harvest (2017) Release Date

Release Date Is Defined!

Plenty of studios have picked up the historical drama to deliver it to audiences. Among them, we should mark out Isaan Entertainment in Spain; EnterMode in South Korea; Pandastorm in Germany; and Shaw Organisation in Singapore.
The American release is within responsibilities of Roadside Attractions which has scheduled the premiere for February 24, 2017. British viewers are expecting an early 2017 release thanks to Arrow Films. The launch in Australia/New Zealand is made possible due to Becker Film.
Among other studios, we can follow Becker Film in Australia/New Zealand; D Films in Canada; B&H Film Distribution in the Ukraine; Tanweer in Turkey; and Eagle Pictures in the Middle East.
What are your thoughts regarding the upcoming movie? Share your expectations concerning the quality of the future performance. Stay tuned with us for more info as everything may be revealed!

Official Trailer for Bitter Harvest

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