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Barbie is a comedian film, which will present you a frantic idea and picky plot. In order to have fun, you must watch this film. The film Barbie will appear in the broadcast on the 29th of June in the year of 2018, so you must wait a lot to watch this amazing film.


By presenting you a cast of actors, here we must mention, that the only one hero will appear here. Her name is Amy Schumer and she is the really unbelievable woman, who will charm you from the first sight.

When there is a need to talk about the producers, here we must mention Evan Hayes, Laurie MacDonald, Walter F. Parkes, Amy Pascal, Julia Pistor. The scriptwriters are Lindsey Beer, Jenny Bicks, Kim Caramel, Diablo Cody, Bert V. Royal, Hilary Winston.


That is a family comedy, which will be mystical and delightful.  Here you will see the story about one of the most famous dolls in the world. Her name is Barbie and each people all over the world know about this doll a lot.

In this film you will see the Barbie in the role of the real woman, but not in the role of the fictive character. She just lives among the people and does everything, what she wanted to do. In this film you will see the Barbie, who is not the ideal character –here the severe reality is shown and a young lady meet a lot of difficulties on her way to success. The world of people, who didn’t know, what to do, is shown here.

In the new episodes, you will see, how hard it is for Barbie to make the choice in order to know something new. As the other woman on our planet, she just wanted to have everything, but in the real life, everything is rather complicated than she thinks about it. So, she decided to make a lot of efforts and to live as better, as she can.

The life of an ordinary, but the very beautiful woman is shown here, so a lot of girls and women will estimate this film at all.


When you will see this family comedy, you will estimate the main idea at all. That film is really amazing because each person wanted to know, what will be the behavior of one or another fictive character. Barbie girl is the well-known character, so her behavior and relation to life are so interesting to know.

Besides, you must know, that the film is made for the family watch and you will appreciate it at all.

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