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Bad Dads is an incredible movie, that is now developing in the USA. It is of the comedy genre, so you will have a great delight when watching it. The film Bad Dads will appear on the movie screens on the 14th of July in the year of 2017.


The cast of the film will be a great secret for you. So, you will see this person in such an extraordinary condition. But all of them will satisfy you at all.

The same we must say about the producers, directors, and scriptwriters. They will work on this masterpiece a lot, so very soon you will see the result of their work.


As you know, not only mothers are the child raisers. In this film, you will see a company of careful fathers. They are so tired of being with their children all the time, so the only one aim is their minds – they want to make a party, where they can relax and spend the time with the great pleasure.

Yesterday, these men were just a home-sitting fathers, but today they started to be revelers and they name themselves as the bad fathers. As you can understand, this film is an analogy of Bad Mothers. But here the real men will be shown.

It is so hard to have children – every person, who already become a mother or a father know about it. Each day they are responsible for their children. Besides, there appear a lot of deals to do and sometimes it is so hard to build a good career and to be successful. When people become to be parents, they have a slew of duties to do.

The main hero of that film will make everything for his child. He just wanted to be a real idea that sometimes he even forgets about himself. So, when he had a minute of free time, he will come to the bar, where he met a group of young fathers with the same problems. So, they decide to spend the time together, when walking with their children. But in one beautiful day, they just decide to make a party, where only men will take place.

Of course, women didn’t accept it, but they wanted to give them an opportunity to have fun. So, men gathered together – they wanted to create the greatest party ever and nothing will stop them. So, what will they do on their men day? See the film to know about it.


That fragment film will be interesting for men of all the ages. Here they will find a lot of ideas of making a great men party.

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