Bad Boys for Life (2018)

The agenda is the third part of the Bad Boys series titled as Bad Boys for Life. The script is again a task for the one and the only Joe Carnahan. Shawn Levy has signed the contract to come aboard to direct the continuation of the story. The motion picture shooting start is scheduled for the next year. Bad Boys for Life release date is a defined matter.
The acting cast includes Will Smith, Derick Gilbert, and Martin Lawrence, reprising their roles. As for the companies, there is the following list:

  • Jerry Bruckheimer Films,
  • 2.0 Entertainment,
  • Columbia Pictures,
  • Platinum Dunes.

Bad Boys for Life (2018) Spoiler
The production is planned for the next year. As for now, nothing has been uttered touching the narrative. Surely, the characters won’t do without adventures but the question is who the antagonist will be. Who will be represented as the main villain? The filmmaker is loath to uncover this secret. However, he teases the audience, having revealed that this will be not one person but a multi-headed hydra.
Another issue is whether the continuation will replicate the success of the previous parts of the franchise. This remains a questionable moment. Only the appearance on a big screen will show.

Why is the Franchise Back?

As the Luke Owen said the project was worth developing it further. Comparing it to something with market value gathering dust on the shelf, the creator affirms that such projects should not be just left – they should be pushed into something that will entertain the audience and make the fortune. Thus, there is no wondering about the continuation of the story now. The story is just a thing that is destined to hit the big screen.
Bad Boys for Life (2018) Promo

Scheduled for Debut

The world premiere is a confirmed matter in terms of the exact day. As for now, Bad Boys for Life release date is reckoned January 12, 2018. More than a year before the debut makes us put aside this project for some time and concentrate attention on movies that are going to hit theaters already in the upcoming year, as for instance League of Justice and A Dog’s Purpose with the latter one serving as a dramedy almost for the whole family.
Stay tuned for updates in the case something comes out earlier than we expect. Follow us and you will be notified about news as soon as it is announced.


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