Baby Driver (2017)

One of the most popular genres for moviegoers is a criminal comedy. Modern film companies produce such cinemas rarely, but if this picture is dealt with by a talented director it will definitely be a success with the public. Very soon a new movie of such a genre will appear on the world’s screens, and critics have already predicted a great popularity of the film. This is “Baby Driver”, a crime comedy with the elements of action, which will be presented on March 17, 2017. The interest of the audience for the film is justified: the creators intrigued the viewers, promising a lot of sparkling jokes and an unusual script. The premiere will take place very soon, and the public will be able to make sure whether the promises are real or not.

Plot Review

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A young, ambitious and pretty charming man works as a driver, but in a rather unusual role: he cooperates with the robbers, organizing their departure from the chase and hiding them in his car. But one day the guy’s life changes very drastically. While working on one of the most famous gangster, he becomes a partner in a failing robbery. Now the young man is forced to hide himself, protecting not only his life, but also the life of the girl’s.
All the events are held to the accompaniment of great humor, and well-chosen cast does not leave the spectators in the event of doubt the authenticity.

Film Crew

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The creators of “Baby Driver” (2017) managed to find a very good cast. The main role of Baby is played by a young American actor Ansel Elgort whose character is a driver for robberies. A female protagonist is Deborah (an English actress Lily James) who by unfortunate coincidence of circumstances is forced to take part in dangerous events. Another movie star is a famous Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx, who plays one of the brightest robbers. The other actors taking part in the cinema are Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm and Eiza Gonz?lez.
The director of the film is Edgar Wright, who is quite young, but already well-known British scriptwriter. Executive producers are Tim Bevan, Nira Park and Eric Fellner. “Baby Driver” is distributed by TriStar Pictures, a famous US film production company. The filming started on February 17, 2016, and very soon it will be presented to the audience.
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Ratings and forecasts

Since such crime comedies do not come out frequently, the interest in “Baby Driver” is particularly serious. Comparing the upcoming movie with previous cinemas of this genre it’s possible to say that its script is quite nonstandard and a professional team of the actors are uniquely able to give the film a special charm and attraction. Judging by the rating of expectations the premiere which will take place on March 17, 2017 is being awaited with a big success. If it is so or not will be known in the nearest future, but according to the creators’ affirmations each viewer will enjoy the film and will be able to spend time in the company of a good movie.


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