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Baby Driver is a mystical film, that was created both in the UK and the USA. Here you will see action, crime, and thriller genres, so it is so interesting to watch and enjoy. The film Baby Driver will appear in broadcast on the 17th of August in the year of 2017.


The cast of actors to this film is rather big, so we decided to present only the people, who will appear here so often. Here they are:

  • Lily James.
  • John Hamm.
  • John Bernthal.
  • Kevin Spacey.
  • Jamie Foxx.
  • Eiza Gonzalez.
  • Ansel Elgort.

The director of the film is Edgar Wright. The scriptwriter is also Edgar Wright. When we talk about the producers, here we must mention Tim Bevan, James Biddle, Liza Chasin, Eric Fellner, Adam Merims, Nira Park, Leo Thompson, Michelle Wright.


In the center of attention, you will see the boy, who started to be mute as the result of nightmare tragedy in childhood. But, in such a complicated situation the boy survived and now he has a good life. There is the only one problem, which makes him differ from the other people. He started to be mute and he can speak with the other people, who surrounds him. But despite his peculiarity, this boy is sure, that he will be the best in each deal, what he will do.

When he firstly sit down in the car, he feels, that that is his deal. All his enthusiasm makes the boy super cool and that is a great idea for him to develop all the available skills. He started to drive a car very quickly and that wasn’t a problem for him to catch one or another car on the road.

The professional thieves decided to have a deal with such an unusual boy and they gave him a nickname Baby Driver. His life started to be very good and full of emotions, but one day his boss gives him and the other guys in a band the special mission –  they must do the robbery of the possessive bank, where a lot of safety levels are used. And only a young boy realizes that the boss simply decided to get rid of them, instructing in advance an impossible task.


The accomplish plot make this film interesting for adults in each country and city. You will never know, what will be the end of the story – everything here is unexpected, so people, who like the films of such genres, will have fun while watching it. You can watch it together with your relatives or friends.

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Baby Driver Official Trailer #1 (2017) – Edgar Wright Movie HD

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