The Avengers 3 Release Date

The Avengers 3 release date
The Avengers 3 release date was announced. The producers and Marvel’s representatives gathered the press conference to announce the date of the third movie about popular superheroes.
The fact that the third motion picture will have no doubt the question is only, how much longer we will be able to witness the third part of the adventure team of superheroes from the Marvel comics. When will the movie The Avengers 3 be released?

The Avengers 3 release date is announced

In an interview with the president of production, Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios) spoke at the exhibition Comic-Con International 2014: "We have not talked about when we’ll see the Avengers 3. I guess we would like to stick to the plan three years between the release of the Avengers as we did before … Oh, no, it was two years ago, is not it? What was it? Yes, yes. So, perhaps, three years between the Avengers 2 and 3 is quite enough."
Just rumored third film can be divided into two parts. Marvel’s The Avengers 3 intends to use as a springboard for further new franchise in MDM Marvel plans to bring viewers to new characters from this graphic novel’s universe.
We can assume if the allegations are confirmed by Feige then the probable release date of The Avengers 3 is 2018.

The Avengers 3 release date is presumably the 4th of May, 2018.
What Marvel characters would you like to see in the third part?

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