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Annabelle 2 is a mystical cinema masterpiece, which was produced and created in the USA. Here you will see the genres, which are combined together. They are horror, thriller, and mystery. The film Annabelle 2 will appear on the movie screen on the 11th of August in the year of 2017.


The cast of actors here is super cool because you will see a lot of experienced and talented people. Among them the general is the following:

  • Miranda Otto.
  • Adam Bartley.
  • Stephanie Sigman.
  • Javier Botet.
  • Lulu Wilson.
  • Alicia Vela-Bailey.
  • Anthony LaPaglia.

The director of the film is David F. Sandberg. The writer is Gary Dauberman. The producers are Walter Hamada, Dave Neustadter, Hans Ritter, Peter Safran, James Wan.


In the past years of magic, spell doll was a special gantry, through what the vice passed to an ordinary people. There were no dolls at home because people wouldn’t want to be the eyewitnesses of such incidents. But when the century passed away, people forget, that the doll is a mystique item and that she has dark and bloody energy.

In the center of the plot, you will see a family couple, John, and Mia. Not so long ago they lost their daughter and they can`t forget about it. Mia is a doll collector for a long period of time, so in order to make the situation special, he decided to bring his wife an old antique thing – a doll. He can`t even imagine, that this doll has blood energy. So, the doll wouldn’t stop until she destroys all the people in the house.

The wife decided to make a good deal, so she invites a monarchy with her children to their house. The visit of this pure woman and her faith daughters got the evil aura up and the doll started to be alive.

This denizen of hell started the real hunt on the simple souls. There appeared a lot of misunderstanding among the people. But the monarchy understood, who is guilty in this situation, so she decided to punish this doll in order to save the life of her family and the other people.


That unusual plot will be very exciting for an adult audience. If you want to watch something fresh, this film will be your best decision. There is a little time to wait in order to enjoy such an extravagant film. All the time you will have the unbelievable emotions and great joy.

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Annabelle 2 Official Trailer – Teaser (2017) – Horror Movie

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