Amityville The Awakening

With new sequel for Amityville – Amityville The Awakening, all known story will come new family victim. In center of the picture again curse house. Family thinking that they made a good money deal, with buying house, but as result – all this will be a fatal mistake.

Interesting facts

  • Before the name of movie was The Amityville Tapes.
  • For Belle, this is first main horror role. Before she played in secondary role “ forget me not” 2009.
  • The film is based on a novel by Jay Anson, "The Amityville Horror» (The Amityville Horror: A True Story, 1977).

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Scenario details

In the main role, we will see a girl Belle, who moved out with her small sister, ill twin brother and single mom Joan. They decided to save a little money for her brother’s healthcare because he is in comatose and cannot move, that’s why they bought this home. As you understood in this home will start to happen something really strange. More strange fact, that bothers this girl its recover her brother. Also, Belle started to see and feel something inexplicable and suspect her mom, that she doesn’t tell all truth about what’s going on. A little later, in school, she heard from a classmate that she moved to the wrong house.
Cursed building was waiting his next victim and now found it. The point is, we don’t know who will be puppet of house who’s gonna kill all family at home as in the first story. A new look at the events of the first film and the book will satisfy all fans of the franchise, as well as to attract new people to this popular paranormal phenomena.
Amityville: The Awakening release date 15 Aril 2016, directed by Franck Khalfoun.
Amityville The Awakening Evil

Why don’t people learn about story of home?

The Classical behavior of American movie, that main characters never know about bloody story of the house. Really, if something happened in house many years ago, all state – even country must know about it. Instead of this family (so happy and satisfied) moving out without any suspicions.

Comatose brother in scenario

Not just comatose brother – but twin brother of main hero girl need healthcare. In this case, we can see that they are connected to each other, than anyone else. Of course, in film we don’t notice that they are twins. But this detail making some point in the upcoming movie.

Far and far away from real story

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A movie that was based on true mystery story always has a lot of fans. So, to continue use same name in sequel guarantee success of pic at last in the beginning. For now, it’s too early to film remake, but for sequel – good time. Scenario will surprise an audience with scarful and mystery moments.
In spite of actors are not famous, rates of expectations grows. It means that some stories people cannot forget and creators of the movie made a good decision about filming again.

Official Trailer of movie Amityville The Awakening

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