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Alien: Covenant Release Date


Alien: Covenant is a great film, which will amaze you by the fist minutes. Here the two genres are combined and among them, you will see fantasy and thriller. The premiere of this brilliant film Alien: Covenant will be on the 10th of May in the year of 2017.


The Main people in the cast will amaze you and among them, you will see the following ones:

  • Michael Fassbender.
  • Katherine Waterston.
  • James Franco.
  • Noomi Rapace.
  • Guy Pearce.
  • Callie Hernandez.
  • Billy Crudup.

The director is Ridley Scott. Among the producers, we must name Davis Giler, Walter Hill, Mark Huffam, Michael Schaeffer, Ridley Scott. The scriptwriters are John Logan, Michael Green, Jack Paglen.


Here you will see the continuation of the international mission by the title of Prometheus. Here the people, who survived will appear. Dr. Shaw will collect the particles of android and David is ready to come for searching engineers of civilization. He will come to the dangerous trip in the UFO ship.

Show believed, that David is a good person, so he tries to sleep in the cryogenic camera in order to make a big trip. He even couldn’t imagine how dangerous it is. Now David knows that the ship is far from the Engineers planet, so he decided to give the people the Earth as the sign of respect. But he still thought that UFO people will make the renovation of it. Android will be a big dissatisfaction because here only the most remarkable examples of machines will appear on the Engineer planet.

And now Android did the mistake in the hypothesis – Shaw finds a lab, wherein the cryogenic camera alive engineer will appear. By his documents, he is a specialist, who creates different lives on the planets. So, Shaw and David understand, that the last project tends to death of lots of people on the Earth planet. And when they get the camera to the starship, he uses the engineering power. So, in such way they started to be the commanders of the Engineer civilization.


A Story with the unusual and fancy plot will make your life more Interesting and exciting. Here you will see a lot of people, who are ready to struggle for the world peace and together they will achieve the best results.

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