Agent 47 The Movie and Its

The release date of an Agent 47 film has been confirmed and approved by the producers. Below are some details.
The film Agent 47 will be an interpretation of a well-known Hitman video game. The protagonist whose story we watch unfolding on either computer or movie theatre screen is a professional top class hitman who has been artificially created through the miraculous means of genetic engineering. In the film, we will be able to follow the steps of a young woman, a new character thoroughly hidden from an organization whose members hold immense power in their hands. The woman protagonist sets off on her mission which is full of intimate moments of a shared past between the victim and the killer.
Alexander Bach will play the hitman, Agent 47. Beside him, the film will surprise you with other skilled actors, including Zachary Quinto, Rupert Friend, Emilio Rivera, Ciaran Hinds, and Thomas Kretschmann.
August 29, 2015 is the date when we all can expect to see Agent 47 on the screens.
The date when we’ll see Agent 47 on the DVD and Blu-ray carriers, as well as on Netflix, is not confirmed, but it will be somewhere in 2016.
If you are following the news on Agent 47 release date, you won’t miss the moment when you finally see the Hitman’s adaptation on the big screen. We are all looking forward, are you?

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