A Storm in the Stars

A Storm in the Stars Release Date


A Storm in the Stars is an amazing film, which was made in the USA. Here the best genres are combined. And among them, you will see – drama, melodrama, and biography. The film A Storm in the Stars will appear on the movie screens in the year of 2017.


Pay attention to the cast of actors, when watching this entertaining film. You will adore each person and among the main characters we must name:

  • Elle Fanning.
  • Maisie Williams.
  • Douglas Booth.
  • Joanne Froggatt.
  • Stephen Dillane.
  • Bel Powley.
  • Tom Sturridge.

The director of the delightful film is Haifaa Al-Mansour. Among the producers, we must underline Amy Baer, Ruth Coady, Alan Moloney, Mark Amin, Tyler Boehm, Joannie Burstein, Orlagh Collins, David Grumbach, Joanna Hogan, Phil Hunt, Emma Jensen, Des Martin, Rebecca Miller, Compton Ross, Cami Winikoff. The scriptwriters are Haifa Al-Mansour, Emma Jensen, Conor McPherson.


Here the main aim is to present a love story of two beautiful people. In the center of attention, you will see the main heroine by the name Mary. She is the girl at the age of 18 and she is so pretty and smart. One day she understood, that she falls in love with the charismatic poet by the name Persi Shelli.

He also has the unusual feelings to Mary, but at the beginning of the story, it was too hard for them to present their feelings. When the time had gone, this couple decided to come to the Lord Byron, who now lives near the Lake Leman. Here the writer, who now is remarkable under the name Mary Shelli, started to make her outstanding novel about Frankenstein. The inspiration for this novel were the relationships with Persi.

Each day this girl tries to write as much, as she can. There are a lot of situations in her life, which are connected with Persi. And when she manages with everything, he set down to work under her novel and the result of it was really outstanding.


Have you ever imagine, that love can make the people different? In this film, you will see, how the little girl becomes a woman with great life experience. Of course, the relationships between the two actors sometimes were complicated, but they didn’t think, that it is a big problem.

When you will watch this film, you will understand, that love makes us better and that is the most important thing in the world.

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