A Storm in the Stars (2017)

A romantic love story is about to be presented to viewers around the world. In the current 2017 a new picture titled A Storm in the Stars, a love drama, will appear in all the cinemas. The project’s authors believe that their work will be of interest not only to the female half, but to a lot of men, because the main character of the film is the future great writer Mary Shelley, the author of the world famous story about Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. That is why an upcoming movie is being awaited with great interest, and the authors are increasingly getting the question about when A Storm in the Stars is going to be aired.

Creators and Developers

The story is created by Haifaa al-Mansour, a female director from Saudi Arabia. Her main helpers are scriptwriters also working to develop the plot – Conor McPherson and Emma Jensen.
A Storm in the Stars Cast
The group of executive producers develops the movie and works for the audience to watch the film as soon as possible. These people are the following ones:

  • Mark Amin;
  • Joannie Burstein;
  • Phil Hunt;
  • Rebecca Miller;
  • Tyler Boehm;
  • Johanna Hogan;
  • Compton Ross and a few others.

The companies responsible for the production of A Storm in the Stars are HanWay Films, Gidden Media and Parallel Films. The countries working in cooperation to present the movie are Ireland and the US.

Plot Peculiarities and Cast

In the center of the plot of this movie is an unusually beautiful love story of two young people: they are the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley and a very young 18-year-old beauty Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. In the future, this lady will take the Percey’s surname and will be known around the world as the author of one of the most popular novels. This is her who developed the idea to write a book about a brilliant Dr. Frankenstein and his mysterious and frightening monster that he created. This film will be a gift for fans of beautiful love stories and will definitely win public acclaim.
The cast of A Storm in the Stars consists of the following talented actors:

  • Elle Fanning, whose character is young Mary;
  • Douglas Booth plays the role of Percy;
  • Tom Sturridge presents the great Lord Byron;
  • Stephen Dillane plays William Godwin;
  • Ben Hardy is the presenter of John William Polidori;
  • Bel Powley as one more character Claire Clairmont and others.

Prospects and Chances for Soon Release

The film is supposed to be presented in 2017, but unfortunately the audience still hasn’t got more detailed information from the authors. Everything which is remained is just waiting for the premiere to debut in the nearest future. Stay tuned to be aware of an exact release date and get various facts from the creators and interesting news about the plot.



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