A Monster Calls

Though the title can imply that the film is a horror by its genre, in fact, it is a fantastical drama about the fate of the bullied boy whose mother has a dangerous disease. Let’s revise all general aspects of the upcoming story including also defining the exact day when the film is scheduled to hit theaters all over the world.

Making a quick sketch

Directed by the worldwide appraised filmmaker named Juan Antonio Bayona who is famous in particular for The Impossible, the movie under the title “A Monster Calls” is referred to the genre of fantasy. Certainly, it is a drama full of poignant questions that exist nowadays. However, let’s return to revising the plot a bit later and now concentrate on production issues.
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On continuing describing the project, we should make you know that the movie is by the Focus Features studio production. The scriptwriter here is Patrick Ness.
The fantastical story is brought into life by Lewis MacDougall, Felicity Jones, Toby Kebbell, Liam Neeson, and Sigourney Weaver.
Although the story of a fantastical drama type, it cannot be watched by children whose age is less than 13 years due to the thematic content and some scary images

Plot summary

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The focus of the story is practically a teenage boy of 12 years old. His name is Conor played by a young actor named Lewis MacDougall. The story starts unfolding when he is challenged with the death disease of his mother performed by Felicity Jones. Moreover, troubles at home are joined by him being bullied at school. Thus, it is hard to find a person who will be envious of the life of this unfortunate boy. But here it is and he has only one way to follow that lies specifically in escaping from reality into a fantastical world as he is unable to struggle against this cruel world on his own so far. There he will be able to investigate the monsters and fairy tales that explore courage, loss, and faith.
As you see, the story is much overloaded with hints at the modern situation in the world. It is thus thought-provoking and keenly recommended to viewing it by teenagers, as well as adults who have children.
The story is, by the way, predicated on the eponymous award-winning children’s fantasy novel. Thus, the background is rather fixed and reliable.
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When should the release of the fantastical story be expected?

The things are such now that A Monster Calls release date is already determined. What is it; you can ask feeling great anticipation about it. That is October 21, 2016. There are only three months left for us to be acknowledged with all info regarding this project before the premiere. Follow trailers and enjoy posters waiting for the day when you will be in the full right to visit your nearest theater. If you have teenage children, do not lose an opportunity to watch this fantastical movie together with them as it can teach them what courage, loss, and faith really are.


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