A Dog`s Purpose


Dog`s Purpose is a brilliant film, which can be watched by each member of your family. Here you will notice such genres, as fantasy, drama, comedy, family adventures. The film A Dog`s Purpose will appear on broadcast on 19th of January in the year of 2017.


When we talk about the actor to this serial, here it is important to say, that they are the real professionals of their deal. Among the cast you will see:

  • Britt Robertson.
  • Josh Gad.
  • Dennis Quaid.
  • K. J. Apa.
  • Peggy Lipton.
  • Logan Miller.
  • Luke Kirby.
  • John Ortiz.

The director of the film is Lasse Hallstrom. The producers are Gavin Polone, Darren Reagan, Mark Sourian, Alan C. Blomquist. The scriptwriters are Cathryn Michon and W. Bruce Cameron.


In the center of attention, you will see a 7-year-old Itan, who was very glad to have a puppy. He gave him a name of Bailey and since that time they just walk on the street for all the day long. The pleasant tiredness was for the boy and the dog. He has special relations with him and he is very proud to have such a smart animal.

Every time, when Itan come to one or another side, the dog comes with him. On the exposition, Bailey meet a beautiful girl from another class and he presented her to Itan. All his friends are jealous because this smart dog saves the boy from different unpleasant situations.

But then the time of an ordinary dog is over and now he must turn to the new character. He must think like a sheep dog and to be a civilization helper. The policeman started to teach the dog, how to find narcotics and how to behave himself when bad people appear.

It was rather hard for them to become the another dog, so every time, when he has such an opportunity, he has fun with the people. The speaking with the people gives him the greatest delight and he realized the stability.

When the time was gone, he realized the harmony of the relationship between the dog and the person. The fluffy dog is a real saver of people`s lives, but from time to time he feels loneliness.


People, who really love dogs, will estimate this film at all. Here you will see a very brave and smart dog by the name Bailey and you will love this character.

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A Dog’s Purpose Official Trailer #1 (2017) Josh Gad, Britt Robertson Comedy Movie HD

A DOG’S PURPOSE Movie TRAILER (Family – 2017)

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