Watch Dogs 2 Release Date

Watch Dogs 2 release date

Watch Dogs 2 release date was scheduled but it is yet to be announced by Ubisoft.

Recently there has been an official announcement by Ubisoft that is already hard at work on the creation of the second part of the action called as Watch Dogs became a truly popular among fans of stealth action games.
Initially, as a recognized representative of the company, talk about the continuation of the game not even in sight, but now everything has changed, because without leave continuation of the game that has become so popular around the world, it would be simply inhuman act. There was a masterpiece story, excellent graphics, a high level of detail of all the elements, a nice interface, and an elaborate gameplay – all this is just a small list of the advantages possessed by the first part of Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs 2 release date was scheduled

According to Ubisoft, the second part of Watch Dogs will have advantages will also attend. However, given the previous projects, not even wonder if the new part of the game will be even much more interesting. It is not surprising even that statement to continue the game, slipped hint yet that now we are working also on the creation of the script for the third part, the creation of which began almost immediately after the premiere of the second.
Watch Dogs 2 release date on all platforms – Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC should be expected not earlier than in 2016.

Although the first part of the game Watch Dogs and became the most fast-selling one among all games produced by Ubisoft. But the production is not fast-forwarded since many nuances should be improved to make this game even better.
Firstly, the management not only listened to the exclamations of admiration, but also constructive criticism – players believe that the graphics could be better, and that the main character lacks charisma. Secondly, Ubisoft knows how to make the franchise (like Assassin’s Creed II) and take the time to release the game immediately, as the players do not really "hungry", the creators watchdogs certainly will not. Let’s wait for the announcement of Watch Dogs 2 release dates.
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